The Power of Many

About Superior Business Networks

Many years ago we looked at what was available in the market and decided that networking is more than just referrals

We put together education, brainstorming, mentoring and referrals from relationships formed…..the result…..

SBN BUSINESS Masterminds

Imagine the Power of sharing ideas and strategies with a peer group of professionals in a confidential and highly engaged meeting.

How would it feel to open up to a trusted and committed team without judgement on all areas of your business so that you can be equipped and encouraged to implement strategies, tactics and methodologies to overcome any adversity.

Imagine being empowered to be the best you can be.

Then Imagine being an integral member of the SBN Business Mastermind.

If you are a committed, forward and progressive thinking mature minded professional with a high level of integrity coupled with a high level of self awareness then we are looking for you. If you fit the team then you will be offered an invitation to join.


Founder of SBN: David Bearsley

The term mastermind comes from Napoleon Hill’s landmark book Think & Grow Rich.

Tasked by steel mogul Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest men of the 1800′ s, with interviewing 500 of the top business and financial giants of his day, Hill identified 17 success principles common to all high achievers.

Out of these 17 “Laws of Success,” ONE stood out as the single most important principle required for ALL success, shared by ALL of the successful people he interviewed: Masterminds.

Each of them had a small circle of peers who met regularly in the spirit of harmony, to gain insights and learn from each others’ knowledge and experiences.

These Mastermind groups provided advice, direction, and constructive critique to evaluate and examine their businesses and their markets, to reduce risks and costs, and to boost leads, prospects, customers and revenues.

By joining together with collective intentions and definiteness of purpose, you literally create quantum leaps of new knowledge and insights, new solutions, new ideas, and new opportunities for you and your business.

Hill called this powerful experience the “third mind” … or the Mastermind.

In a Mastermind, 1 + 1 doesn’t just equal 2.


By multiplying and leveraging the brain power of the entire group, you discover limitless opportunities to create revenue and grow your business.