You know the benefit of always educating yourself in all aspects of business. At every SBN Mastermind meeting we have a Business Insight designed to educate on sales, marketing, mindset and all aspects of business….an ongoing education to equip you in your business.

Perhaps you may want help implementing these ideas then use our powerful SBN network to supplement your existing team.

SBN also holds special training events where we go in depth into topics with industry experts eg Linked In, Facebook, Video Marketing etc.


The term mastermind comes from Napoleon Hill’s landmark book Think & Grow Rich.

Tasked by steel mogul Andrew Carnegie, one of the wealthiest men of the 1800′ s, with interviewing 500 of the top business and financial giants of his day, Hill identified 17 suc-cess principles common to all high achievers.

Out of these 17 “Laws of Success,” ONE stood out as the single most important principle required for ALL success, shared by ALL of the successful people he interviewed: Master-minds.

Each of them had a small circle of peers who met regularly in the spirit of harmony, to gain insights and learn from each others’ knowledge and experiences.

These Mastermind groups provided advice, direction, and constructive critique to evaluate and examine their businesses and their markets, to reduce risks and costs, and to boost leads, prospects, customers and revenues.

By joining together with collective intentions and definiteness of purpose, you literally cre-ate quantum leaps of new knowledge and insights, new solutions, new ideas, and new opportunities for you and your business.

Hill called this powerful experience the “third mind”… or the Mastermind.

SBN Mastermind
SBN Mentoring


Benefit from others that have done it before you and can Mentor you in best practice and save you hours of experimentation.

In business you learn from your failures …. at SBN you can save time and learn from others.

Peer Group Mentoring in a caring and safe meeting.


By collaborating with fellow members you can grow your business and take advantage of many opportunities.

The collaboration may lead to Joint Ventures where many members have combined forces for more effective businesses and releasing the Power of Scalability and shared resources ….

The opportunities are endless in SBN Business Masterminds.

SBN Collaboration
SBN Opportunities


SBN will endeavour to either bring in outside opportunities or encourage the sharing of business opportunities within our networks.

Imagine being able to take part at the ground level in a new business or share in a property development or stock market float.

We will arrange education opportunities in various investment vehicles, the world will be your oyster with the Power of Many opportunities coming your way.

SBN is not an authorised investment advisor so any potential opportunity that comes your way may require further due diligence and seeking out the advice of a qualified advisor.

Once again we cannot guarantee opportunities but SBN will do our best to encourage the flow.


WOMM has been proven to be the most effective lead referral system in that in most cases the potential buyer for your product or service has been, in many cases, qualified.

If not with a bit of customer research before contacting the client you can certainly put yourself into a position of strength and drive the sale to a close.

Leads are not guaranteed, however, once everyone sees the benefit of looking out for each other and engaging the Power of Many then the Law of Reciprocity starts to kick in or, as they say Karma, what goes around comes around.