The Power of Many

Our Hemp Mastermind

SBN – HEMP Industry Mastermind

Do you recognise the opportunity of HEMP and Cannabis for the future?

Did you know you can use Hemp for health, plastics, building, ….. the list goes on ….

Well come and join our HEMP Mastermind and we will help to be part of the future of HEMP industry.

Whether you have an idea or a project you want to get off the ground, an existing product or an interest to make a future out of HEMP then come visit this group to see the biggest opportunity going forward….

Currently we meet every Friday at 10.00 am at The Reapeat Offendor Café, 121 Hayt Sty, Subiaco.

Contact David Bearsley now to visit the SBN HEMP Mastermind…..The Power of HEMP