Good branding is important to all companies (free Business Insight there!). Just look at all the big corporations out there and ask them how important their brand and logo is to what they do?

In fact a logo has high commercial value. Do you think Coca Cola would sell theirs? Not likely, but what is it worth, according to Interbrand the Coca Cola brand is valued at $70,452,000,000.

Coca Cola is the worlds most recognized brand and valued as such. IBM is a close second at $64,727,000,000. So what is the value of your brand?

At Superior Business Networks we have gone to great lengths to create a brand and enlisted the help of a professional, Paula Giolitto from Everything Visual Design and Print. The result is our brand of which we are very proud of.

The Components


Our Name

Superior Business Networks defines what we do, creating Networks of Superior Businesses. High value business connections designed to help build, bigger, better and Superior Businesses.

SBN wants you to be proud of your membership and for it to add value to your business by saying “we are a member of Superior Business Networks and adhere to the SBN Code Of Excellence which is your Assurance of our commitment of providing a Superior customer experience”. SBN wants to raise the standard of service available through its members so that this in itself becomes a selling point of difference for you (free Business Insight there!).

Our Logo
“The Ripple Effect ”
Our Logo

“The Ripple Effect ”


The drop represents a unique business.

The globe within the drop represents potential within that unique business.

The ripples represent the releasing potential once the “drop” becomes part of the “ocean”. We only know too well the power of the ocean which is in effect a connected network of drops!

And hence the SBN logo in simple definition” releasing the potential in your business through Superior Business Network connections”.


Our Slogan

The Power Of Many …. at SBN we think it says it all. No further explanation required!